Governing Bodies

5-15-18 Policy Council4-17-18 Policy CouncilTazewell-Woodford Head Start Policy Council Minutes February 20, 2018


Call Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order by Stephanie Regan at 5:36 PM at the Family Center in East Peoria.

Roll Call of Members

Policy Council Members:  Pat Long, Stephanie Regan, Kelsey Vititow-Smith, Chelsie Harkleroad, Amber Brackney

Visitors:  Shannon Brackney, Elizabeth Gravitt, Wesley Gardner, Zack Marshall

Head Start Staff: Bonnie Jones, Lindsey Markle, Vickie Willis, Christy Dennison

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by Chelsie Harkleroad and seconded by Amber Brackney to approve the December 5, 2017 minutes as typed.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Head Start Governance

Bonnie Jones invited members to participate in the Program Self-Assessment that is done each year to monitor their progress in achieving the program goals and to set new ones. Members received a copy of the School Readiness Goals to discuss the ways the program works to achieve them and to make suggestions.

Administrative Business

Program Financial Report 

Members received copies of the Budget, USDA Reimbursement, Credit Card expenditures, and Inkind report for the period ending January 31, 2018. They also received the SF-425 Financial Report from the last quarter.

A revision to the current budget was proposed to move $25,464 from Equipment to Classroom Supplies and to increase staff salaries by 5%.  The salary increase would be retroactive.  A motion was made by Amber Brackney and seconded by Chelsie Harkleroad.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Monthly Attendance Report – Members reviewed program attendance for January 2018

Personnel Committee Report – No new employees

Program Business

Lindsey Markle presented the eligibility criteria point system the program currently uses to fill vacant slots. She explained each section and the point system that determines each score and proposed changes to the questions concerning Family Type and Parental Substance Abuse.  A motion was made by Chelsie Harkleroad and seconded by Pat Long to approve the changes.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Vickie Willis gave each of the members a copy of the Personnel Policies to take with them to review before the next meeting to suggest changes.

Parent Committee Reports

Hensey: A guest speaker, Lisa Maynard, from the IL Neurological Institute came and did a presentation on Distracted Driving.  Afterwards the teachers gave an update on the Health Project and discussed ideas for upcoming field trips.  Members also voted to donate $200 to the National Head Start Dollar per Child Campaign.

Creve Coeur: Jamie, one of the Early Learning Coordinators, played a Head Start Trivia Game with the parents to give them an opportunity to win prizes by answering questions about the program.  The parents also made finger puppets out of gloves and buttons and a learned a fingerplay to help teach their children math and literacy skills.

Eureka: Heather, the program’s Health Coordinator, talked to the parents about healthy eating and did a presentation on the sugar content of common foods we eat and drink everyday.  Suzy, one of the Family Engagement Coordinators, gave the parents information on Eureka’s Kindergarten Roundup.  Suzy will also be doing homevisits to discuss Kindergarten Readiness.

Pekin & Green Valley:   Jeff Brooks, from the Pekin Public Library, did a presentation on the how and why of preparing your tax returns.  He formerly worked at H&R Block.  Alice, one of the Family Engagement Coordinators, gave parents information on healthy eating during the holidays and then the parents and staff enjoyed making things for the winter wonderland event.

Family Center:  Reyna, one of the Early Learning Coordinators, presented some more information on Conscious Discipline and told parents about the class that will be offered in March if they want to learn more about it.  Suzy, one of the Family Engagement Coordinators, talked to the parents about getting their child ready for kindergarten.  The Family Engagement Coordinators will be dropping off more information when they do homevisits in the coming weeks.  The teachers did a Make-It-Take-It for the parents to use at home to help their children with math skills.  Members voted to donate $240 to the $2 per child campaign that advocates for Head Start Children.

New Business for Next Month’s Agenda – Review and Approve Personnel Policies

Menu for Next Month – Buffalo Wild Wings

Door Prize Winners – Congratulations to Amber Brackney and Chelsie Harkleroad

Adjournment – A motion was made by Pat Long and seconded by Chelsie Harkleroad to adjourn the meeting at 6:48.

The next Policy Council meeting is scheduled for March 20, 2018 at 5:15 PM at the Family Center.

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